CBD Questions

How is CBD flower grown? 

 A frequently asked question among all CBD users is how is CBD actually grown? Here we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the growth of CBD flowers.

CBD flower is grown using hemp seeds which are specifically bred to produce a high quantity of CBD and an extremely low percentage of THC, this will always be below 0.2% when your dealing with plants that will be sold in the UK as this is the legal limit.


The best conditions for CBD flower growth are areas with well drained soil rich in organic material which is not too wet or weedy. The flower can be grown indoors or outdoors both have their benefits depending on where you are in the world but typically the highest quality of flower will be grown indoors where you have more control of the variables leading to high quality CBD flower in the end. However they do thrive in most climates. 

With a typical growing cycle of of roughly 100 - 120 days depending on the strain or growing conditions it is best if your CBD flowers are planted coming into spring after the final frost as these will be prime growing conditions for your flower, also during the first 6-8 weeks or your plant being planted it is essential that the plant is watered consistently.